Winter Weddings

winter wedding

Having your Wedding during the winter months is the perfect way to add something different to your day. With the evening drawing in early it gives you complete control of lighting and style of your marquee. Unlike in the summer months you have control over the temperature of your venue with the help of our state of the art thermostat controlled heaters.

Please read our wedding pages to see the main points to consider when planning your marquee wedding. But here are some things that may need a little more consideration when thinking about your wedding in the winter.


All of our marquees can have a beautiful ivory lining which is the swagging material that covers the ceiling and walls. For something more spectacular you may wish to consider starlight lining. This is a black lining with flashing LED lights sewed in giving the effect of a tranquil night sky, absolutely perfect for a winter wedding.


With winter weddings our hard flooring with carpet overlay is always recommended. This will help if the ground we are erecting the marquee on has become boggy in the lead up to the day or if there is heavy rainfall forecast. When it rains the water does have a tendency to creep in under the walls and dampen the floor, as the hard flooring is raised off the ground it eliminates this problem.


Having our thermostat controlled heaters in the marquee is an absolute must in the winter. With this it instantly warms your guests up encouraging them to take off those lovely winter coats they have been showing off all day. Our heaters are run on diesel and one tank lasts for around 8 hours. There is a thermostat in the marquee for you to choose your desired temperature, just turn the dial and leave your heater to do all the hard work.

If possible, don’t use your heater the day before the event as it can lead to condensation forming on the inside of the roof over night. If you do need to use the heater, make sure the tables and any valuables are covered by plastic sheeting.

Usually we can attach a portable toilet trailer to your marquee, however if this isn’t possible it is worth having brolley bins at the exit of the marquee and the entrance to the loos! These can be hired from us.