Winter Marquees

winter marquee

Many people have been put off by the prospect of hosting an event in a marquee due to the worry of poor weather conditions and freezing temperatures. The industry has acted on these concerns making rain, sleet and snow a worry of the past. Nowadays with our state of the art waterproof marquees and thermostat controlled heaters many people prefer to have their event in the winter for a variety of different reasons.

Marquees also have the flexibility to be transformed to the accordance of your theme. Winter Wonderland theming is ideal for Christmas and New Years Eve parties and can be achieved with minimal expenditure.

Some points that you may wish to consider whilst planning your event in the winter include


Having our thermostat controlled heaters is an absolute must to keep everyone nice and toasty throughout your evening. The heaters are diesel powered and are provided with a full tank of diesel lasting approximately 8 hours. There is a thermostat dial left inside the marquee, all you need to do is turn the dial to your desired temperature and let the heater do all the hard work.


When hiring a winter marquee our hard flooring with carpet overlay is always recommended. This will help if the ground we are erecting the marquee on has become boggy in the lead up to the event. It also helps if there is heavy rainfall on the day as rain does have a tendency to creep in under the walls and dampen the floor. As the hard flooring is raised off the ground it eliminates this problem.

If possible, don’t use your heater the day before the event as it can lead to condensation forming on the inside of the roof over night. If you do need to use the heater, make sure the tables and any valuables are covered by plastic sheeting.

Create the perfect winter wonderland feel by adding blue cube seats, fairy lights and blue uplighters.