7 Reasons to Choose Monaco Marquees

Choosing your marquee company can be a daunting task especially if you have never hired one before and you are unfamiliar with the industry. Below are some key pointers that we believe you should look for when choosing your supplier. All points listed are aspects of Monaco Marquees that have been invested in to give our customers peace of mind and trust in our service so you can enjoy your event.

Fully Insured

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Always check with your supplier if they have the necessary insurance to supply the marquee for your event. Here at Monaco we have public liability insurance covering you from accidental damage and personal injury.

Fully Staffed Office

A lot of marquee companies are part time businesses who are not contactable throughout the day as they may have other jobs or are busy putting up marquees. We have a constantly staffed office allowing us to take your call at any time; we can also arrange face to face meetings to discuss your event. As well as these services we offer a 24 hour emergency phone line during your event giving you peace of mind.

Permanent Warehouse Team

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To ensure that only the very best product leaves the warehouse we have a full time warehouse team whose sole responsibility lies in preparing, cleaning and checking all of the equipment that is loaded onto the vans. They work on very strict criteria when checking the items and pride themselves on a very low level of customer complaints.

Beware of Cheap Quotes

Here at Monaco our pricing policy has been carefully constructed to give our customers best value for money and the best service possible. Our marquees are cleaned constantly and our site managers are all full time, experienced and trained to have particular attention to detail. Many companies are able to offer low prices as their marquees are of lesser quality and the staff have not been invested in.

Have a Look for Yourself


We invite all of our clients down to our Surrey based warehouse to see how we maintain and store our marquees. Always ask if possible to visit premises as it usually says a lot about the standards of the company.

What Service is being provided

Many companies will provide a very basic service. As well as providing the marquees we can also provide portable loos, catering equipment, table linen and much more. We will also liaise with your florist, caterer and other external suppliers to make sure all areas are covered. We will also help with the set up of furniture and help to move heavy items.

What Marquees are they using

Marquees can vary in style and size but most important of all – Quality. Monaco use Roder structures which are considered the best and safest on the market. Manufactured in Germany, Roder structures are durable against wind, rain and snow where other structures may struggle.