Tricky Gardens and Overcoming Obstacles

We hear it all the time…. “we would love a marquee in the garden but we just don’t think it’s possible”.

Well although admittedly this can sometimes be the case but more often than not we can offer a solution that may not be obvious to who is a first time hirer. The main obstacles that we face when erecting marquees in tricky gardens are multiple levels, slopes, negotiating existing obstacles like garages, sheds, trees, ponds and swimming pools all of which we have a variety of solutions which I will talk you through now.

Extendable Legs

We have two different options where it comes to extending the legs of the marquee. We can either place what’s called a leg extender on to the existing leg which is great when one side of the marquee needs lifting. It is common this method is used when the marquee is being built on multiple levels and legs are dropping off the side of something like a patio or decking.

The next method is to use 3m legs… the standard leg height of our marquees is 2.3 meters high. When there are obstacles in the way of the area like trees, pagodas or lamp posts a three-meter leg allows the marquee to sit taller than usual clearing any obstruction th