Monaco Marquees and Covid-19

Covid -19 needs no introduction with the amount of coverage and disruption it has brought onto the world. It has been a huge challenge for every single one of us and has changed the way we all think and work on a daily basis. We are no exception here at Monaco and we would like to keep you all informed about the changes we have made to our business and the way in which we are working during the current pandemic.
As with our entire industry, we are putting the safety of our clients and staff at the forefront of everything we do. To do this we have had to make significant changes, these include:

Closing our offices and showroom to the public and staff are working remotely from home

Our office and showroom are currently closed to the public, we want to assure both our existing and new customers that we are still here for you. We are so lucky that as a business we invested in cloud based technology and a sophisticated VOIP phone system prior to the Covid outbreak meaning that we can still pick up every call, quote new business and help our clients with any question or concern they may have. Please call us on the usual office number and one of our team will be able to assist you.

Offering Virtual Site Visits and telephone consultations for new customers

Had this unwelcome pandemic not encroached on our lives the normal practise for new enquiries would be for one of our experts to visit the venue; whether it be a back garden, hotel grounds or an open field. They would have talked you through every stage of hiring a marquee including the best position, the size of marquee you will need and all of the decorative options that are available to you. As we are adhering to the Government’s social distancing measures this is currently not possible. The good news is that we have managed to find a solution, through using a combination of video call based platforms like ‘Whatsapp’ and ‘Zoom’ we are able to conduct the site visit without leaving our homes! After the video call we will then talk you through an online presentation that will cover everything you need to know. To arrange your virtual site visit get in touch today on 020 8979464.

Increased PPE for site staff

For our site staff that are called into action during the pandemic whether it be to build an emergency marquee to help with extra capacity or for storing extra PPE that has been supplied. We have provided mandatory latex gloves and face masks plus given the option to wear safety goggles. Extra hygiene regulations have been put into place including supervised hand washing and regular cleaning of steering wheels, door handles and tools.
With regards to the future and how we intend to start trading as normal there is no doubt that a lot of question marks are floating around. Currently we are not supplying marquees for parties and weddings and have had to postpone all current bookings until further notice. We are currently only supplying marquees for storage and increased capacity solutions when safe to do so.

So what happens next?

Well this is a difficult question indeed, below I have answered some of the questions that we are facing on a daily basis which in turn covers our policies about how we intend to return to business as usual and what it means for our customers:

1. We have an event booked with you and it can’t go ahead because of Covid-19, what should we do?

We have now spoken to approximately 90% of the clients who had bookings with us and I am pleased to say that the overwhelming majority have opted to postpone the event rather than cancel. Many have set dates for much later in the year, others have rescheduled for the winter and next summer. Others have set no date and are waiting for Government advice on when we can party once more so they can make sure it’s the first thing they do when social distancing measures are lifted.
These actions follow the exact advice we are giving. Please postpone your event rather than cancel, this is a trend that we are seeing across our entire industry and could be the most influential factor in the survival of thousands of event hire businesses. Not only does postponing give you and your guests something to look forward to but it also guarantees a healthy work load for our business when the lock down ends meaning we can bounce back stronger than ever. If circumstances mean that you are unable to postpone your event then our normal cancellation policy applies. Please see our full terms and conditions for details.

2. I’m thinking of making a booking during lock down, is this a good idea or not?

YES!!! It’s a great idea! The strange thing about this pandemic is that no one quite knows what’s going to happen, but one thing is for absolute certain….it’s not going to be here forever. If you are thinking about having a marquee party or wedding this year get in touch to book a virtual site visit, make the booking and look forward to it. We are offering full flexibility on rearranging dates should the social distancing measures not be lifted.
2021 is expected to be a crazy year for the marquee and event hire industry. As lots of celebrations are unable to go ahead when originally planned they have been postponed until next year which means that we have the most amount of future bookings for the following year we have ever seen in our 15 year history. Also, as all of the venues such as hotels, country estates, pubs and other party locations have had so many cancellations and postponements they are already completely booked out for all dates next year. Because of this we are foreseeing that a lot more people will be getting married at home using one of our beautiful wedding marquees . Or celebrating birthdays in a bespoke party marquee in their own back garden! It is likely because of this that availability will be limited so if you are considering an at home event please get in contact today and we can talk you through all of the options.

3 . Have you given any thought to social distancing measures in terms of an event taking place?

We certainly have, we know that the first step of relaxing social distancing measures is likely to involve some sort of effort to keep a distance between people. If the situation is that a client has a gathering in the event of a relaxed but not full removal of distancing guidelines, then we have put some policies in place that will help. This includes supplying bigger marquees than usually required, upgrading to larger tables free of charge, and using markings on the floor to give guidance of distancing.
We hope that this has given you some insight on how we are adapting in the current crisis. We do however understand that there will still be many unanswered questions so we urge you to please call to speak to one of our team on 020 89794648 who will be more than happy to help.