We are proud to announce we have recently taken delivery of a brand new industrial washing machine and dryer. The main use of the machines will be to ensure our marquee linings are going out spotless for every single event. In previous years we have relied on an external company to do all of the laundry for the business, doing this however caused problems with availability of the linings as it took 4 days to get them picked up, cleaned and returned to us.

One of the most important aspects to us as a business is the cleanliness of our hire items and we are absolutely sure that investing in our own machines puts us ahead of our competition in this department. We know from experience that other companies will ignore the need to, or in some instances not ever clean their linings due to availability problems and cost. We now clean our linings when they are returned from an event every time they are used.

We are eagerly looking forward to the forthcoming summer and early signs are showing we will be nice and busy. The washing machine and dryer have given us complete confidence that we will be producing the very best in quality for our customers.