Marquee hire guide

Marquees are a flexible and cost effective alternative to a traditional venue. They are often chosen by our clients because they can be dressed or decorated to suit almost any occasion, they are available in many shapes and sizes and can be constructed nearly anywhere. Whether for a wedding, a party or a corporate event, a high quality marquee can add a real sense of occasion.

This guide sets out to help you get started, choose the right marquee for your event and answer some common questions.

Getting started – the location

The starting point is deciding where your marquee needs to be erected. For weddings and parties, this is often at home, on a hotel’s grounds, on a field or, for example, on a school’s grounds. Corporate events may be held on the office’s grounds or at a specific venue. Usually clients have a good idea of where they want the marquee constructed but, if not, we may be able to assist with the help of our local contacts in Surrey and Sussex.

There are a couple of points to consider when choosing your location. While our marquees are highly flexible, flat ground is best. You should also consider water drainage, in case it rains. Hard surfaces, such as paving, or soft surfaces, like grass, are both okay, and Monaco Marquees does not charge extra for erecting on hard surfaces like some marquee firms do.

Selecting the right marquee size

Marquees come in a large number of shapes and sizes, which can be tailored to suit your needs. Clearly the size of the marquee you choose will affect the price you pay, so you don’t want to hire a marquee too large. On the other hand, you don’t want your guests to be uncomfortable. As such, getting the size right is really important.

The table below provides an indication of what size you'll need, however, getting it right does require careful thought. Sitting events clearly need more space per person than standings events and, for example, clients typically require more space for weddings because of extra decorations. You will also need to consider whether the space will need to accommodate a dance floor, a DJ, a band or a catering tent. Please use the table below as a guide, but your contact at Monaco Marquees can work with you to get the space just right, using our advanced computer marquee design software.

Table 1: Marquee capacity guide

Size Capacity Standing Capacity Seated
10’ x 10’ (3m x 3m) 15 10
10’x 20’ (3m x 6m) 25 20
10’ x 30’ (3m x 9m) 40 30
10’ x 40’ (3m x 12m) 50 40
15’ x 15’ (5m x 5m) 30 24
15’ x 30’ (5m x 9m) 60 48
15’ x 45’ (5m x 14m) 90 72
20’ x 20’ (6m x 6m) 50 40
20’ x 30’ (6m x 9m) 75 60
20’ x 40’ (6m x 12m) 95 80
20’ x 50’ (6m x 18m) 125 100
20’ x 60’ (6m x 18m) 165 120
30’ x30’ (9m x 9m) 110 90
30’ x 40’ (9m x 12m) 165 120
30’ x 50’ (9m x 15m) 185 150
30’ x 60’ (9m x 18m) 210 180

Marquee linings

For all but the simplest of functions, lining the interior of a marquee is suggested. While Monaco’s marquee equipment is of the highest quality and is cleaned to perfection, a bare marquee interior lacks that something special. Adding a lining is a cost effective way to bring the event to life. We offer a wide range of marquee linings from traditional ivory lining, to more contemporary interiors of various colours and styles. To get an idea of what is on offer it is best to speak to your contact here at Monaco.

Flooring and dance floor

Clients usually choose to hire some form of flooring for their marquee. Simple coconut mating is a common choice because it is a highly effective, low cost option. A basic brown mating, coconut mating is pleasing to the eye and can be laid on almost any surface. Carpeted hard flooring is a dearer alternative, which is suitable where you require a choice of colours and styles.


These days marquees are not only for the warm summer months. By hiring a heater, a marquee can be used all year round.

Marquee hire pricing

The marquee industry is highly competitive so you tend to get what you pay for. If you find a price that seems too good to be true, remember to check what is included in the price and what level of service you can expect to receive. Very cheap quotes are often followed up by delivery of poor quality unclean equipment and unprofessional customer service.

Monaco Marquees prides itself on its superior single point of contact customer service and advice, as well as fully transparent pricing policy. Monaco Marquees' prices are all inclusive, so you do not need to add on extras like insurance, delivery, flat surface surcharges and VAT. When comparing prices across a number of marquee firms make sure everything is included.