Your site visit

Understanding your needs from the offset is important to us. That is why every client receives a full no obligation site visit free of charge. The visit allows us to assess your site, take detailed measurements and discuss any specific requirements and queries you may have.

The site visit can last for as little or much time as you feel you need to talk over your requirements and, if you need it, a follow up can be arranged free of charge.

3D illustation of your event

Using our CAD software, we are able to show you a 3D illustration of your marquee, detailing features such as the layout of tables, chairs, dance floors and bands. This helps you picture what the final event will look like before the big day.

What's next?

Making your decision. After your site visit, your event manager will put together your customised information pack which will be posted and e-mailed to you. The pack will include:

  • An overview of your requirements and any additional literature you have requested
  • A full quote for the event, with no hidden charges and including VAT and delivery charges
  • A 3D illustration of your event
  • Follow up details for your single point of contact

Assuming everything has met or exceeded your expectations, you are in a position to make your booking. A simple e-mail or telephone call is sufficient.

In the run up to your event and the day itself

Whether you're hosting a small party, a wedding or a corporate function, your peace of mind is Monaco's priority. Once you've made your booking you have full access to your single point of contact who can help with any follow up queries and amendments you have. If you require a further site visit or just a phone call all you have to do is get in contact.

On the day itself through to take down and tidy up, your single point of contact is only a phone call away.

To book a site visit now call on 020 8979 4648